Pentatonix is coming to Tampa!

One of my favorite groups in the world, Pentatonix, is kicking off their “On My Way Home” tour and they are coming to Tampa in March!

If you don’t know who Pentatonix is, you must be living under a rock but I’ll fill you in. They are a 5-man group consisting of Avi (bass), Kirstie, Scott, Mitch, and Kevin that sing acapella style but are able to turn any pop song or anything in general into pure ear candy. They have a platinum album now and recently won a Grammy, so they are doing quite well these days.

With that said, they are coming to Tampa on March 22nd to Busch Gardens to perform during the food and wine festival that will be going on. While they aren’t doing a stand alone concert with a VIP chance (like most of their other performances that are sold out already across the country) it will be a great chance to seem them perform live and I can’t wait to go. If anyone is in the Bay area and knows about PTX, this is a great chance to see a group of talented singers come to the area and perform. I can’t wait and its less than a month away!


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