4 years since the Japan tsunami

It is so hard to believe its been 4 years since that devastating tsunami hit Japan. 4 years and the country is still working to rebuild after this horrific disaster. 

It was surreal seeing the images online and in the news. It became one of those events that you always will remember and recall seeing. I remember waking up that morning and logged onto my computer. The first tweet on my timeline was from former wide receiver Chad Johnson (Ocho Cinco) and it simply said “Pray for Japan.” I thought to myself, that is strange, what is he talking about. Then I looked further down the timeline and began to see the reports of the tsunami striking the northern coast of Japan.

It looked like a movie, something that Hollywood made but in reality for the Japanese people, it was a nightmare that is still scarring them today. While much of that part of Japan has rebuilt, the Fukushima crisis is still going on with no end in sight. Then there is the mental toll it has taken on those people. Many did not move back and still probably look at the ocean with fear. We must never forget this day. It is a frightening reminder how powerful mother nature can be.


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