Looking back: Remembering the Bleach Anime

I’ve always loved Japanese shows and manga. From the Power Rangers during my childhood (yes, they are from Japan) to Naruto and others, all of them bring joy, laughter, and great stories. One that I have not read in a while and remember well is the Bleach anime/manga. 

For those who are wondering what on earth is Bleach? Its a series that follows the story of Ichigo Kurosaki, a teenager that has the ability to see spirits. He gets involved with a group called Soul Reapers who are charged in guiding spirits to the other side. The story line is much more complicated with so many parts, people, enemies and more. Ichigo goes from teenager with a wacky family to a Soul Reaper. It’s a long story but its a great one.

I decided the other day to watch episode one, the very beginning of the series. I was amazed at how beautiful the story was (after re-watching after a long time), how deep and emotional it was and how quickly it could change from serious to comedy in just a split second. Each character has a deep background that develops throughout a story that comes from a simple premise to an elaborate story of good vs. evil.

I use to watch the series several years ago and read up on the manga (manga was always ahead of the animated series) but got away from it as I took up other interests. After watching that first episode again, I think I might get back into the series. Its a fun one and I’m sure there will be a lot things I missed from the first time watching it.

So have you ever watched this series? If so, who’s your favorite character out of all of them? I personally am a fan of Captain Hitsugaya but there are a lot of great characters. If you didn’t watch this series, what other anime/mangas have you read? I’d love to see what others have watched before.


5 thoughts on “Looking back: Remembering the Bleach Anime

  1. I love it especially the BO. I love Rukia and Soi fon^^ . I really liked all the different attributes given to their katana like names, abilities…

  2. It is such a great series. I am already into the Soul Society arc when Ichigo is learning his bankai. Such a great series and I’m enjoying getting back into it.

  3. Right now I’m using Youtube to watch the beginning of the series and so far, so good. I’m sure I’ll have to search for a different site for the later/newer episodes as I progress. I’m just to the part when they attack Soul Society to rescue Rukia.

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