Childhood returns: Nintendo 64

I’m a big fan of old gaming systems. I still have an NES that works (once in awhile) that I love (you can’t beat Super Mario Brothers 3!) But now I have stepped up my old gaming addiction and brought back a gaming legend to my hands!

On Friday last week, I was able to find and purchase an original N64! The old gaming system that made up a large chunk of my youth is now back in my hands. I was able to get it, all of the cables, and the controller for right at $50 and the darn thing works! I was also able to find a game in the big pile of old and awful ones and plugged it right in, Turok 2!

This game scared me as a kid, but now its hilariously fun!

Yes, the old Turok game was back on my TV screen (for $4 too!) and I was able to get the bow and arrow and put down some dinosaur/monster things! It was fun to recall a game that used to scare me as a kid but now there is something bigger heading towards my apartment, a game that will bring it all back to me once the system is powered up!

Yes, one of the greatest games ever created is back! The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time!! After some searching across the web, I finally found the legendary game for a good deal and now it is on the way to my apartment. I can’t wait to power up quite arguably one of the best games and one of my favorites (Final Fantasy 10 is still my favorite game). I remember spending hours playing this game. Running all around Hyrule, chopping grass for money, fighting random monsters for fun, and of course beating the game that took forever. We all remember the hated Water Temple and then fun hook-shot, all were memories and all will be coming back to my eyes very, very soon.

Did you ever play either of these games? What was your favorite N64 game growing up? 007 Golden Eye? Mortal Combat? Starfox 64?


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