More fun coming to the blog

So for the past few months, this little blog of mine has been all sports, from the Rays, to USF, to the Bucs. For the sports fans, I’m sure its been a lot of fun for those folks reading the blog and I’ve enjoyed every post (aside from the losses each team piles up). Well, I want to do more and want to have some more fun with the blog, so there will be some fun, new material coming on some things I love. 

I’ve haven’t talked much about anything aside from sports. For many, I know that is boring and this blog needs to have a lot more, I’m well aware of that. For starters, I’m going to start blogging about the anime/manga series I’ve mentioned before, Bleach. I’m getting deeper into the series and have some fun blogs about the characters in the series that will be coming along.

For travel talk, I’ll be honest, Japan has fallen off the back burner. The ins and outs of life, budget, and upcoming events have derailed it, but I’ve got the burning desire kindling again and 2016 in the fall is something that is floating in my mind. I’ll try to address that soon. So I hope you enjoy some much different material in the coming weeks along with the sports talk. I’m going to start branching out and blogging about more than just the sports in Tampa.

I hope everyone enjoys and gets involved with comments, tweeting, etc. Time to do more than just sports on here!


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