My top Bleach Captains series coming

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a big fan of the anime/manga Bleach. I watched the series a long time ago and have recently gotten back into it, starting from the beginning. As I begin to blog about other things aside from sports, I thought it would be fun to rank my favorite Captains in the series. What are the Captains? Well, allow me to explain.

To bring you up to speed, its best to go over the background of Bleach briefly. In the series, there is a place that all souls go, called Soul Society. Within Soul Society, there are people called Shinigami, Soul Reapers if you will, that are tasked in leading and guiding the departed souls from earth to Soul Society (think of it as heaven, just not with pearly gates). These Shinigami, the Gotei 13, are a group that resemble Samurai, each carrying a katana (zanpakuto) and being capable of combat. In the human world, there are evil souls (hollows) that attack the good souls and the Shinigami fight them off. There are other evils, but that’s for another day. The Gotei 13 are 13 squads of Shinigami, each being led by a Captain. Each squad has its own duties and each are equally important across Soul Society.

So with that said, I wanted to start some fun blogs and start by ranking my favorite captains, my top 5. Now there are 13 original captains and a lot has changed in the anime/manga since the start of the series. Some captains are dead, others have turned evil, etc. To create a level playing field, I’m going with the original Gotei 13 (image above) and ranking my top 5. I’ll give background on each captain, their traits, attitude, their zanpakuto abilities and why they are my top captains. I think it should be fun for the inner geek in me to have fun and see if anyone out there knows/loves the captains like myself.

I hope to start the series this Friday, the 8th! Get ready for that!

4 thoughts on “My top Bleach Captains series coming

  1. If you’re a fan of Bleach, do yourself a favor and catch Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Brotherhood was not aired on Adult Swim and is much more faithful to the original manga. I love your usf coverage, by the way.

  2. I’ve seen some of Fullmetal, but never got too deep into the series. It just never sparked me a long time ago, but I might get into it at some point. Thanks for following along for the USF coverage, its appreciated.

  3. He is in my top 5, don’t worry, but have to wait and see where he ranks. Ranking the top 5 out of the Gotei is not easy!

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