Bleach Captain Count Down: Captain Shunsui Kyoraku

Time to get this fun little series started for those who know or are at least curious about Bleach. I’m starting the count down with my 5th favorite Captain of the Gotei 13, Captain Shunsui Kyoraku. 

Captain Shunsui Kyoraku is the Captain of Squad 8 and later the Captain Commander of Squad 1, the leader of all of the Gotei 13 (much later in the series), but I’ll start with him during the original Gotei 13 and who he is.

Captain Shunsui Kyoraku is an older man that is the definition of laid back and passive. He wears a straw hat and a pink flowered kimono over his shoulder wherever he is. He has a scruffy beard and is slightly older than the other Captains around him. The biggest thing about Captain Kyoraku is his personality.

There are two major parts to Captain Kyoraku’s personality. There is his overall personality of laid back and being passive. He prefers not to fight and would rather talk his way out of conflict if he had his way. He is also friendly with all of the other captains, often referring to them by first name. He is often seen napping or simply lying around his barracks, not worrying too much about anything happening. He is relaxed and often has a drink in hand. When he isn’t napping, he is often chasing after his Vice Captain Nanao Ise, referring to her as Nanao-chan and chasing her around (he often gets beaten up by her during his advances).

Yet despite being “lazy” and passive, Captain Kyoraku is a deadly warrior when pushed to that point and won’t hesitate to end a battle fast. His zanpakuto, Katen Kyokotsu, is a rare, two bladed weapon when he releases it (only Captain Ukitake has the other dual bladed zanpakuto). Its very powerful to a point where at this stage (early in the manga/anime) he’s released it only a few times and has never gone to bankai which is the ultimate battle form for a Shinigami. He later becomes the Captain-Commander for a reason and his power is one of them biggest reasons.

I love Captain Kyoraku. The first time in the series that he is introduced, he is lying on his roof, complaining that a piece of grass he has in his mouth might be poison and calls out to Nanao to save him, showing he won’t even move because he is so lazy. Then with his battle with Chad (Sado) he offers him sake and simply does not want to fight. Later on, he shows that he will work and is far more intelligent that previously shown, he is just more interested in relaxing than working so much. He is simply funny to watch but commands respect for being a powerful Captain. His attitude is very likeable and his approach to everyone is funny, especially poor Nanao.

What are your thoughts? Fan of Captain Kyoraku?

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