Bleach Captain Count Down: Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi

The next captain in my count down is probably the strangest captain in all of Soul Society, Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi. Captain Mayuri is a strange looking, strange acting, and just flat out the oddest Shinigami to talk about, but trust me, he will grow on you!

Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi, Captain of Squad 12, also known as the Institute of Research and Development. Mayuri is probably the creepiest looking Captain in all of Soul Society (paints himself like that and changes his looks all the time) and what he is and what he does, the looks match him perfectly. Let’s first start with what he does at the Institute.

The Institute is the heart and soul of technology, research, experiments, and anything that has to do with science. Whenever there needs for experiments, data to be analyzed, or some kind of technology to be put together fast to help the Shinigami, Squad 12 is in charge of it all. The Squad is also the the home of many of the archives of all the past for Soul Society and Mayuri has control of all of it. Squad 12 is perfect for Mayuri and all the strange research he wants to gather or experiment on.

Now let’s talk about the person, Captain Mayuri himself. Mayuri is a sick, twisted, cold, and calculated monster that is one of the toughest (from the start) to love as a Captain. He is harsh, direct, and often scolds everyone around them, treating them as inferior to himself and seeing most as an obstacle to his research and exploration of science. He is a very cold person, there is no question about it, but when it comes to combat, his mentality and approach are so funny yet cold and dark.

(Just watch this fight, it really shows how evil and twisted he is in combat)

When it comes to combat, Mayuri mostly toys with his enemies, taunting them and always wondering how he can research and dissect them for more research. But what he is the best at is analyzing the situation, his enemy, and entering a battle knowing what he is facing and how his techniques will work best. Mayuri will use strange techniques and often talks throughout the battle, getting under the skin of the enemy, but it works. He always seems to come ahead and knows how to get a win. Now let’s talk about his techniques, weapon, and vice captain.

Mayuri can use his body as a weapon as he has added weapons and fallback techniques to the point her can liquefy himself to escape a fight. His zanpakuto, Ahsisogi Jizo, can paralyze enemies, but still keep the pain and his bankai is a huge caterpillar monster that uses his own blood as a poison that kills fast. Then there is his Vice Captain, Nemu Kurotsuchi, a person he created (calls his daughter). He often uses her body as a weapon and talks to her so badly, she is completely under his control. It is a strange, strange relationship, but Nemu is just a piece of his combat and research.

So why do I like Mayuri? Well, I’ll be honest, when I first started watching the series, I hated the weird one. He was just creepy and dark. But now as I watch the series again, I have found a new love for the twisted research captain. Watching him toy with enemies, talking about how they are already research and him not seeming to pay attention to a fight makes me laugh out loud. Mayuri is always in control and is never fooled in combat.


2 thoughts on “Bleach Captain Count Down: Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi

  1. Mayuri is my absolute favorite of the characters, mainly because he has the most unique battles. In addition, he has more interesting conversations with other captains. While everyone else gets along and exchange regular banter, Mayuri actually gives interesting thoughts and dialogue to others. In addition, he’s one of the few shinigami with no fear, being able to argue with Kenpachi, threaten Unohana and even openly criticize Yamamoto for failing a task.

  2. I love the guy. He is planned ahead all the time, has an answer and weapon for everything and is never caught off guard. He is pretty funny as well. Like you said, there are few that will challenge Unohana for very good reason.

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