Bleach Captain Count Down: Captain Kenpachi Zaraki

The count down brings us to my third favorite Captain in the Bleach series, Captain Kenpachi Zaraki. While Captain Shunsui Kyōraku is funny yet strong and Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi is just strange, Captain Kenpachi is on another level of crazy and powerful. 

Captain Kenpachi is the Captain of Squad 11, the toughest squad in the Gotei 13 that is known for its members and their love of fighting. They are the unit that is sent in when a huge battle arises and that is something right up Kenpachi’s sleeve.

Kenpachi stands in at 6’9″ and has a huge body and frame, perfect for his insane blood lust. His outfit is ragged and he wears the white kimono of the former Captain of Squad 11 that he killed in order to take the ranks. He is often quick on his decisions with squad members and often has little care for the issues that Soul Society or the rest of the Gotei are dealing with. He simply wants one thing, to fight and to fight a battle worthy of his time and power.

To keep it simple, the one word for Kenpachi is fight. Its truly all he wants. He always demands his Squad to never quit and never back down from any foe, no matter if death is going to be the result. This insane drive and power make Kenpachi the most feared fighter in Soul Society but his skills and power (soul energy) more than back it up.

His zanpakuto is called Nozarashi, but he never listens to it (until much later in the manga) and does not have a Bankai (only Captain without one). The zanpakuto is beaten up and looks frail, but is a deadly weapon. Kenpachi wears an eye patch that eats his soul energy, keeping fights fair and he never uses his second hand in combat, fighting with only one to again keep it fair for an opponent. He often allows opponents to strike him, challenging them to draw blood and even when they do, it doesn’t hurt Captain Kenpachi, he just gets more excited. In his first fight with Ichigo, he only spares Ichigo’s life because he gave Kenpachi a fun fight. Talk about insane.

While Kenpachi is all about fighting and battle, he does have a soft side for his vice captain, Yachiru, who is a young, pink haired girl that rides on his back most of the time. She is very juvenile and often calls Kenpachi “Kenny” while she goofs around, something Kenpachi doesn’t mind. She might be the only one that Kenpachi is not challenging for a fight all the time.

Kenpachi is as simple and straightforward as the come. If you like tanks that are all about battle, don’t rely on any tricks and just melee combat, Captain Kenpachi is your guy. He is quite intelligent and has a great way of viewing things, but above all, be ready to fight if you cross his path.


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