Bleach Captain Count Down: Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya

We are now at my favorite Captain out of all of the Gotei 13 in the Bleach series (been awhile since I talked about the series). There are a lot of great captains in Soul Society, some that didn’t make this count down. But we aren’t here to talk about them (sorry about it!) we are focused on my favorite captain, Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya, the Captain of Squad 10. 

Meet the youngest looking Captain of them all, Captain Hisugaya. While short (he hates to be called that), Hitsugaya is one of the strongest and most well respected Captains despite his young appearance in Soul Society. He is strict, by the book, and demands respect at all times. However, he does struggle to command respect by people outside of the Soul Society, often thinking he is an elementary student.

Let’s start with his personality. Like I said before, he is all about business. He is strict, by the book when it comes to the rules and procedures, and holds everyone accountable. His vice captain, Rangiku Matsumoto, is the polar opposite of Hitsugaya, making for a funny and odd pairing but they work together. Most of soul society respects him, but some often think he is too young to handle situations, but despite his young appearance, he is very mature and very wise. He is very focused, calculates all situations, and comes up with straight forward strategies to deal with all types of situations (mostly in combat).

When it comes to combat, Captain Hitsugaya is a master swordsman and held in high regards by those in Soul Society for his abilities with his zanpakuto, Hyorinmaru. Hyorinmaru is an ice dragon that freezes everything and crushes anything around it. His banaki, Daiguren Hyorinmaru, gives Captain Hitsugaya ice wings and his arm is covered in ice as his powers increase. He has learned over time how to extend and master his bankai by listening and becoming closer to his sword. Many say Hitsugaya has taken on the personality of his blade, being cold, short, and overall staying out of the heat (the beach episode covers that for those who have seen the series).

So why out of all the captains is Captain Hitsugaya my favorite? Well, to me, he is simply bad ass (pardon the language). He is a combination of both power, knowledge, ability in combat, and yet is still funny and down to earth enough compared to other captains. Even his style makes him unique. He is the only captain to carry his sword on his back.

Its kind of hard to describe why he is truly my favorite. All of the details above are reasons but maybe, somewhere in my inner child/geek self, I see myself as Hitsugaya the most. He is younger, but acts older than he appears. He has a unique fighting style with a long blade and Hyorinmaru is just awesome to watch appear and destroy the entire battlefield. Plus Hitsugaya has a lot more funny moments than others, always bringing out a lot of laughs dealing with the others around him he find annoying.

So those are my top captains in the series. There are others and some are more powerful or more unique than the 5 of listed, but these are my favorites in the anime/manga series.


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