Daily Blog 39: Anthem for Ichigo in Bleach is just epic

I’ve almost done watching the Bleach anime series (I’m so sad its almost over) and as I come to the end of the series, a song that continues to give me chills each time is, Number One. For those who know the series, its pretty much Ichigo’s theme song, but its only played during some of the most epic moments of the series. Pretty much when this song plays, Ichigo is about to clash with an enemy, has saved the day, or simply makes a bad ass entrance to the battle field. From the attack on Soul Society, to the Bount arc, and now in the final Fullbring arc, the song still brings that smile to my face knowing the hero of the series is about to do something epic in the series. Its a fun song and its in English, for once in the series, we know what the lyrics are.

Daily Blog 38: Top 10 Bleach non-Captain shinigami: #7 Nanao Ise

Next in the series is another female vice captain, this time Nanao Ise of squad 8. She has a tough challenge dealing with Captain Shunsui Kyoraku but with her attitude and style, she is able to pull it off and holds her position well.  Continue reading

Daily Blog 38: Lazy Sunday

Talk about a lazy Sunday. Today has been a very unproductive day for me. I woke up super late for some reason and just couldn’t get moving this morning or even out the door. I was able to get to Target, get the groceries and other things I needed, but once I returned home, the momentum was all gone for some reason. I’ve got a ton of projects I want to work on from USF, Japan, Rays, etc. that are all piling up on my desk, but for the life of me, I can’t get off the couch this evening. I guess its just one of those days where I get to be a bum and lay around. The work will be waiting for me when I finally get my lazy bones up, so I’ve got that to look forward to [enter sarcasm here].

Daily Blog 35: Frustrating software

Don’t let the title say too much, it wasn’t the most frustrating day, but a little software made work a little harder today: Indesign. Indesign is a very good program for typesetting an article and putting together publications, which is my job. However, a file I had to work with today continues to load horribly in the software, inserting random characters and re-arranging sentences all over the place. Its one of the strangest things I have ever seen with Indesign and I’ve been using the software for over 5 years now. I checked the original file and there wasn’t anything wrong with it, so the software that I usually love, led to a slight headache and adding some extra work to my schedule. Its never fun to get an unwelcomed surprise from something that is usually reliable. Work will be a little more challenging tomorrow thanks to this new issue but I’m prepared and will take care of business before a relaxing weekend!

Daily Blog 34: Bleach talk about Ichimaru Gin

I’m sorry I missed the Daily Blog yesterday, I decided to start looking for online Japanese lessons (will cover that tomorrow I think) and found some positive results. I decided to make this Daily Blog on Bleach (yes, my favorite anime again). I just finished with one of the longest story lines in the entire series, the battle with Aizen, and one of the characters that blew me away was Ichimaru Gin. Continue reading

Daily Blog 33: Pentatonix with another hit!

Pentatonix is finally back with a new video! Its been forever since they have put anything out because they have been working on their original album (CAN’T WAIT) and touring all across the world. Well, they are finally back with the Evolution of Michael Jackson! It’s a mix of all of the King of Pop’s greatest music and the acapella group that has a Grammy, a platinum album, and world tours put it all together while traveling. I love this group and this is just another masterpiece from this amazing group.