Mind over Matt-er Daily Blog 21: Another Bleach series coming

As the title says, another Bleach series for my Daily Blog is coming very soon. Before, I did my top 5 Captains of my favorite anime/manga series, this time will be different. This time I’m counting down my top 10 non-captains in the series. These could be the vice captains or other shinigami in the series. I decided not to include the humans in the countdown because so very few have abilities and there wouldn’t be a lot to talk about with them.

So what makes this countdown different? Well for starters, these are non-captains. Some were former captains but are now in different stages of their life, either in hiding in the real world or still battling. There are also the vice captains that all have unique abilities and tend to play larger roles than their captains for the overall flow of the story. I think it should be a fun series that will roll out of the next few weeks instead of day after day. Plus it should be fun because I got a lot of traffic on the site from people visiting because I was talking about the anime. I hope that trend continues and more conversation comes along with it. So don’t worry, I won’t be filling the blog with a ton of Bleach stuff, but I wanted do a little more with the series because I’m still very obsessed.

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