Mind over Matt-er Daily Blog 22: Moving music

I watched a music video the other day that I have heard on the radio a million times. I had no idea there was a video to begin with and after saying that, I’m angry at myself for not seeing it even sooner. This music video truly stirred up some emotions I didn’t think would be in me. 

I’m a huge fan of the Fast and Furious series. I’ve watched all of the movies and enjoy the crazy, insane action in all of the videos even if some of it was just a little far fetched, it was still fun. My high school days were built around the first two movies when they first came out in theaters. My teenage self remembers watching those videos and wanting to speed out of the parking lot, just like the cars in the movies do. Too bad I had a Kia Sephia. I have great memories in high school, going to all the stores trying to buy things to make my car faster, always dreaming I could have the Skyline that Paul Walker did in the videos and that is where this song hits home, on Walker and the memories that he left behind in me and the sadness of it all.

What a song. I had always enjoyed the song on the radio, but didn’t know there was a video for it. I knew it was from the movie and the final scenes of the movie, but even knowing all of that, the song still got to me. When I heard that Paul Walker had died I was very sad. It was a horrible tragedy to a great young actor that had a family. But in my little world, it hit me inside knowing someone I had watched as a kid, a person that had given me such joy and caused so many memories for me was now gone. Some of my best memories were messing with my car and hanging with friends, trying to be Paul Walker and trying to drive a super car like that. It brings back memories of the best days as a high school and just looking back, it stirs up some emotions knowing the person that was a part of that is gone.

RIP Paul and thank you, thank you for the great memories.


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