Mind over Matt-er Daily Blog 25: Rays game!

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I’m sorry I missed the daily blog for the past two days. I had to rest up on Friday due to a little bug that came over me starting on Thursday and yesterday I was at the Rays game, enjoying a great victory. Saturday was a great day and I was able to enjoy with company in town, making for a fun afternoon.

My folks were in town, so I decided to take them to a Rays game (after cruising the Brandon mall before that). It was a lot of fun as they live across the state, so they don’t get down to Tampa too often and have only been to a few games over the years I have lived in Tampa. The game was great, the stadium had a huge crowd of over 20, 000 and they won, making it even better. We headed to dinner afterwards and capped off a great day. I wasn’t able to do a daily blog over the past two days because, as mentioned above, was sick and out for the entire day on Saturday. I’m getting back in the spirit of the daily blogs and hope to have some more fun ones coming along starting this week. Sorry for being away, excuses are just excuses, but time to get back into the swing of the blog world.


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