Mind over Matt-er Daily Blog 26: Got to get going on the Japan planning!

I’ve gotten lazy again! I haven’t spent hardly any time on my Japan trip in 2016 and I have only myself to blame. I hoping this week I get super inspired and get some major work done in the process. Here is my first plan.

First and foremost, I’m leaning towards November for the trip next year. I’ll have a blog on that tomorrow (Tuesday) explaining the planning for that. The next step is to select Tokyo or a combination of Osaka and Kyoto, but I’ll get to that later after undertaking a big research plan to figure out the pricing for the trip (airfare and hotel) and here is my plan.

I plan on looking at several airlines (Delta, United, American, JAL, and ANA) and the big travel sites (Orbitz, Travelocity, Expedia, Hotwire, and Priceline) and pricing their travel packages (airfare and hotel) to see the best rates for Tokyo and Osaka to see the prices out there. After that, I’ll be looking at just airfare to Japan, hotels separately and the hotel packages available from the website Japanican.com which has a lot of travel packages for Japan. Finally, I’ll be looking at flying out of different cities (and cross-checking the plan with the original searches) to see if flying out of Orlando or even out of an airport like Seattle would change and help the pricing for the trip. It’s a lot of work, but it will put together the most completing pricing package that I can get to help find the most cost effective plan.

So what are your thoughts? For those who have traveled like this, is this a good way to put together the prices or is there a more effective process? Are there sites I am missing? Let me know in the comments, I appreciate any information!


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