Top 10 Bleach non-Captain shinigami: #10 Hiyori Sarugaki

As I mentioned a while back, I wanted to do another Bleach series, much like I did while ranking my top 5 favorite Captains. This time around, I’m ranking my top 10 non-Captain shinigami characters so far in the series (up to the Aizen battle arc). All of these characters are Shinigami and fan favorite Ichigo won’t be counted in this 10 top to help even out the playing field (he’s just a substitute anyways). So let’s get started with number 10, Hiyori Sarugaki. 

Hiyori is not one of the biggest characters in the series, but she’s one of my favorites. She is the former lieutenant of squad 12 under Kisuke Uhara. Hiyori was attacked and became a Visored, which is a shinigami that has the ability to take on the mask of a hollow, which is an evil spirit that has incredible power, even beyond a shinigami. By becoming a Visored, she, along with others, left Soul Society and entered the living world and plotted revenge against Aizen. She helps in the fight with Aizen and helped train Ichigo conquer his inner-hollow.

Hiyori is a very entertaining character. She has a short temper and is quick to resort to violence, most of the time just hitting whoever she is arguing with. Even against higher ranking officers while as a Shinigami back in the Soul Society, she did not care of rank and gave her opinion. She is very argumentative and always itching for a fight, yet she is very smart and very calculated in battle. She won’t back down and there is no foe she isn’t afraid of, even if she is over-matched (Aizen).

So why is she one of my favorites? For me its simply her attitude that makes her a favorite of mine. She is always arguing and always talking down to captains (like Shenji and Hitusgaya) and others (not to mention not afraid to hit them with her own sandal). She is hard-headed and such a vulgar (at times) and mean fighter that doesn’t fit her size and stature. My favorite moment with her (aside from her kicking Kisuke or punching Shenji in the face) is her interaction with Captain Hitsugaya during the battle with Aizen. Even with a foe right in front of her, she gets into an argument with the Captain and spends more time insulting him for a little mistake, leading to a big laugh even during a very intense battle.

So what do you think? Fan of Hiyori or is there another that should take the number 10 spot? Let me know, I’d be curious to find out what others think of her.


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