Mind over Matt-er Daily Blog 27: Final Fantasy 7 is coming back!

Several years ago, there was a trailer that teased at the remaking of Final Fantasy 7. However, despite the fandom clamoring for it, it was nothing more than a way of showing the incredible graphics of the Play Station 3. It was frustrating and heartbreaking as like many others, were hoping the classic game from our childhoods was returning, only to be filled with sadness. Well, its time to put away that sadness as a trailer has been released at E3 confirming they are remaking and remastering Final Fantasy 7!!

Yes, its been confirmed, the legendary game is returning. Just watch the video above and feel the chills at the very end as Barrett and Cloud walk through the streets of Midgar! For years, people have been asking for a remastered version of the childhood favorite and at the E3 convention, the game has been announced for the PS4 (time to buy a PS4!). I’m so excited that they are bringing back this great game. I spent hours upon endless hours of my childhood, mastering the materia, trying to fight the Weapons, and trying to get the Knights of the Round table materia (stupid gold chocobo). It’s one of my favorite games of all time and widely considered one of the best games ever made, even to this day.

I have to get a PS4 now just because of this game, but of course for all the craziness that it can do. From all reports Kingdom Hearts will also be returning at some point and will be on the PS4, so I need to get the system if I want to be part of these classic games.


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