Daily Blog 29: Japan in November is the plan!

I promised travel talk in the past and now its time to get it started. After doing some initial research for traveling to Japan in 2016, the best time is going to be in November. Here are some of the deciding factors for this month. Also, I’ve changed the name of the daily blog series just to simplify it. I’ll keep the number counter going but dropping the Mind over Matt-er deal. 

The first factor is timing. Planning a trip for May, which was the original idea two years ago, would not be able to happen. It would not leave enough time to plan, save the money (which is the biggest factor), or get the time off work. So now it will be November if it goes down in 2016.

November would not only allow for more time to prepare, but it would also avoid the summer months. Japan has its rainy season in the middle of the year and also the highest threat for typhoons during that time, so avoiding that would be great. Even though I’m from Florida, big storms like that are never good for traveling.

November also allows me to visit the country when the leaves are turning colors and the temperatures are getting lower. I might live in Florida, but I enjoy the fall and getting a chance to see the foliage changing colors and having some lower temperatures at night would be amazing and a nice change of pace. It would be something that would be a once in a lifetime event.

Then there is a more practical reason of work! The biggest event my company does is an annual conference that goes for a full week in October. Planning anything a month ahead of that or in October just wouldn’t be possible due to obligations so it would have to be November. December would just be too cold and I don’t want to deal the real threat of snow! So November is the goal at this point. There is a ton of work to do, so stay tuned for that. I’ll be mixing my Japan/travel talk into both daily blogs and into individual blogs as I move forward.


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