Top 10 Bleach non-Captain shinigami: #9 Rangiku Matsumoto

Next on the countdown is a fan favorite of the series (for many reasons) is vice captain Rangiku Matsumoto. Yes, the vice captain to my favorite character Captain Hitsugaya (how original, right). See why she is one of my favorites.

If there had to be a polar opposite of Captain Hitsugaya it would be Matsumoto. While the Captain is all about business and the rules, Matsumoto is all about having fun, drinking, and not worrying too much about everything. She is very laid back, almost lazy, and always looks for a way out of day-to-day duties.

Its obvious Matsumoto is pretty which makes her a fan favorite (and a favorite of mine) but to me, her character has a great story (up to the Aizen arc so far).  Watch the video to see her exchanges with the Captain to see how opposite they can be. Its a great blind of comedy in the serious that can lighten up any mood. I’m sure Captain Hitsugaya’s blood pressure is pretty high because of Matsumoto. I mean, she hides her liquor in his desk, but she is loyal to the captain and to her job.

While goofy and lazy, Matsumoto can be very serious at times and will never back down from a fight. Her zanpakuto, Haineko, is also very deadly and is very similar to Captain Kuchiki’s in how it attacks (not as strong though). Her character also has a huge role in getting Hitsugaya to join the Gotei 13 as well, so she is very important. Plus there may be some back story to her and Gin, but its never really revealed by Kubo (writer of the series). She is a very dynamic character that plays a very important part throughout the series, both in the Soul Society and in the living world.

So there is number 9 in my list, just edging out Hiyori in the countdown. Matsumoto has been a very important character throughout the series and continues to do so.

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