Daily Blog 30: Fear the Walking Dead teaser trailer released

I’m a huge Walking Dead fan and as we all wait for the trailer to come out in July, the teaser trailer for the new mini-series, Fear the Walking Dead is out! Fear the Walking Dead is going to be a short mini-series in August that is going to take place in the beginning days of the zombie apocalypse. It will have all new characters, will be set in LA, and will show how the entire chaotic came to be before the Walking Dead began. Will it be any good, its way to early to say before we actually get to see more in a trailer or until the first episode. How many seasons will it last? It might just last one because there is only so much time before the storyline of Rick begins. If we think back, the Walking Dead started as a pilot series and went from there. So here is the teaser trailer. There isn’t much, just a guy running down the road away from something with the sound of his heart beat and the heavy breathing. I can’t wait for this series.

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