Daily Blog 31: Why I blog

For those who read my blog know its very active and I am constantly posting stories, mostly on sports but on other topics as well. This is the reason why I blog so much. 

The first and foremost reason I blog is the fact I love the teams I write about. USF, the Rays, the Bucs, and even a little of the Magic. I have followed and written about these various teams over the years on various blogs from Rivals, SB Nation, and Bleacher Report. I feel that by writing and researching the teams I get a better understanding and appreciation of all of them. I know more stats, know the stories, and can figure out why the teams do well or why they are failing. Its become a hobby, really, or a crazy obsession (like why I still watch USF after all the years of torment they have caused me).

The bigger reason I blog is I find it relaxing and simply fun. While others may see it was work and a lot of time wasted, I find it as something I enjoy above other things and look forward to researching and writing the next post to put out my thoughts and views on the teams or other things that happen around the world. I am able to learn a lot more and enjoy writing about it and letting others get a chance to not only read up on events and teams, but also get a chance to read my thoughts as well. So as I continue to write and thankfully you guys read, I get enjoyment out of it. It’s why I blog.



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