Daily Blog 32: Hana Fuga sake time

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about any kind of food or drink on the blog so I thought it would be fun to add a new post on a great sake I found. It’s called Hana Fuga, a pear-flavored sake that is very similar to my favorite Hana-Awaka. I found it while drinking around Epcot a while back and it is a great sake, although the Awaka is still my favorite. Its not too sweet, very crisp, and is so delicious to drink. Most sakes are bitter or have some kind of bad after-taste, but not this one. Its just a good sake to have and I wish stores would carry it, but I have only been able to find it at Mitsukoshi at Epcot. So if you ever get a chance to purchase a glass of this sake or a bottle (its a little on the pricey side), its a great purchase!


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