Top 10 Bleach non-Captain shinigami: #8 Shuhei Hisagi


Number eight in my list is vice captain Shuhei Hisagi of squad 9. Hisagi is a very deep, emotional, and somber character that gone through a lot after his captain abandoned him and the entire squad. 

Hisagai is a very calm and and mature as a vice captain and takes after his former captain Kaname Tosen in his approach to the world and battle itself. He prefers to avoid conflict and engaging in combat is not something he is quick to do. In fact, Hisagi does not like his zanpakuto, Kazeshini, which is a violent looking blade that is released by saying “reap,” very sinister. Because of that, the thought of taking life with such a brutal weapon makes him hate the power he has. Later in the series, there is rumor Hisagi has a bankai, although I can only guess what that one looks like if this first stage is that powerful.

He truly hates the look of his zanpakuto and despises what it represents.

So an obvious question is what is the 69 on this face for (get our mind out of the gutter, internet folks). When Hisagi was a child, he was rescued by Captain Kensei Muguruma, the captain of squad 9 at that time (Hisagi’s future squad). Kensei was responding to the disappearing shinigami and signs that they were turning into hollows, all caused by Aizen. Hisagi was so inspired by Kensei, who had 69 on his chest, borrowed it and tattooed it on his face. The 6 representing Kensei’s name that has the Japanese kanji symbol for 6 in it and the 9 representing the his squad number. Its very interesting to see how his childhood led him down the path to the Soul Society and how everyone is connected through a series of events.

So what are your thoughts on vice captain Hisagi? He’s a very deep character in the series. He looses his captain, is forced to live without much direction yet keeps it together and is able to lead despite being turned on. Later in the series, he takes all of his life lessons and is able to take down his evil captain with the lessons he learned from him. It all makes for a very deep character.


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