Daily Blog 34: Bleach talk about Ichimaru Gin

I’m sorry I missed the Daily Blog yesterday, I decided to start looking for online Japanese lessons (will cover that tomorrow I think) and found some positive results. I decided to make this Daily Blog on Bleach (yes, my favorite anime again). I just finished with one of the longest story lines in the entire series, the battle with Aizen, and one of the characters that blew me away was Ichimaru Gin.

From the very beginning of the series, I hated Gin. He was a creepy looking captain that never opened his eyes, always have the evil grin, and was a complete jerk to everyone. He talked strangely, often saying “ya’ know” “betcha” and other brief words, using a lot of slang and just not acting like a captain. Gin even admitted that he was a snake and was someone not to trust. Then we he turned on Soul Society and left with Aizen (after stabbing Momo), I hated him even more as an enemy. Yet, after the entire Aizen battle, there was a huge surprise regarding his character (if you don’t know the series, then its not really a spoiler).

From hate to beloved by the Bleach family.

As the Aizen arc was ending, Gin turned on Aizen and nearly killed him with his sword technique. It turns out Gin had been playing Aizen ever since they had met when Gin was a kid. Gin wanted revenge on Aizen for injuring his friend, Rangiku, a long time ago. Gin kept on the act for an entire lifetime to get close to Aizen, learn his abilities, and finally get close enough to turn on him and strike the blow that should have killed him (for those who don’t  follow the series, Aizen had gained god-like status at this point in the series, so while the blow hurt him, Aizen did not die). As Gin died (Aizen slashed him open) he opened his eyes and saw Ichigo racing in to attack Aizen and Gin remarked he was glad to see Ichigo battling and ending this mess.

How about that. One of the most evil villains in the entire series was actually a good guy that was only waiting for a chance to strike. Kubo, the writer for the Bleach series, is a master story teller and this was a huge turn of events that I was no expecting the entire series. Now, as I finish that part of the series, I like Gin and now understand his ploy to get revenge the entire time. Once again, its amazing the turns a story line can take.


20 thoughts on “Daily Blog 34: Bleach talk about Ichimaru Gin

  1. Without a doubt. He was evil from the start, but that’s how Kubo wanted him to be viewed. When he messed with Rukia, oh man, he became number one hated in my book even over Aizen.

  2. I hated him because he was always smiling, then he came up with the If you were to turn into a snake thing and undid me in tears. I love his bad smile now.

  3. The way Kubo drew him too with the squinting eyes and smug attitude. I think he opened his eyes once or twice and they were red, just adding to his evil persona.

  4. I loved when he opened his eyes. I loved Tite for giving Gin to us, then hated him for the end, but, hey, Gin is one of the best characters. He sacrificed himself for another person’s sake. He didn’t care about being called a traitor. He just wanted to give her back what was taken from her…

  5. Yeah, he did it all on his own and waited. I wish they would have hashed out his relationship with Matsumoto a bit more and explained that ring she wears even more.

  6. Yeah, I wish that too. That was by far the best relationship in Bleach, the only one that made sense. I wanted to know more, more of Matsumoto moving on from him after he died, remembering him, mourning him. We didn’t get that.

  7. Even in the manga, we had more questions than answers at the end. Kubo was never the best at relationships in that series.

  8. He sucked, the end is a proof of that. They were the only relationship that mattered and we didn’t have that. Now Gin is long gone.

  9. Yep, he also never hashed out Orihime, Rukia, Ichigo, Renji and many others. It’s all part of my love/hatred of the series. I hate how it ended, but loved the series despite its flaws.

  10. Yeah, I hate it, too. I cannot believe he did that, and now he comes up with stupid excuses to justify that crap he fed us. I feel he didn’t have any respect for his reades at the end, he didn’t even care anymore, so he is trying to make use forgive him. No, pal, I won’t. Still, Bleach is my favorite series. The first I ever watched. I even cried when I read the crappy end. I could not/would not believe it.

  11. I believe the magazine in Japan he wrote for, Shonen Jump, rushed him. Bleach’s popularity had dropped for a few years, the magazine wanted to give his spot to another series, so there was pressure on him to end the series faster than he had wanted to.

  12. Yeah, they did. But it is also his fault. Bleach was amazing, and he messed up. They rushed him, but he could have given us a better ending, he could have tried harder. He didn’t. He drew something, said that was the ending he wanted since day one, which has nothing to do with Bleach, and all that it represents.

  13. Can’t disagree, the ending was jumpy, nothing flowed well. It was bankai reveal, another bankai, Ichigo almost dead, Aizen, then ending.

  14. And, let’s not forget the overpowered characters Tite had to kill himself because no one could. And then Kenpachi, my poor victim!

  15. Yeah, the Fullbringers made everything fall apart. He could have skipped it or stuck with that perfect no more powers end.

  16. Wish he would have given us a better explanation on Yachiru. It left a lot of questions, more than answers.

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