Daily Blog 38: Top 10 Bleach non-Captain shinigami: #7 Nanao Ise

Next in the series is another female vice captain, this time Nanao Ise of squad 8. She has a tough challenge dealing with Captain Shunsui Kyoraku but with her attitude and style, she is able to pull it off and holds her position well. 

Nanao Ise is the vice captain of squad 8 and brings a very serious attitude to the position. She is always seen carrying a book with her, doing all of the proper paperwork for her squad and always have the information needed to be prepared for any situation. She is very professional and mature which is the complete opposite for her squad her very interesting captain, Captain Kyoraku.

Nanao isn’t afraid to lecture her own captain.

As you recall, Captain Kyoraku is one of the laziest captains around, preferring to nap, drink sake, and chase women when he gets the chance (the captain wearing the pink robe). Nanao is able to put up with him, often scolding him while Kyoraku listens to her insults. However, despite her ability to stand up to the captains, she is fiercely loyal to Kyoraku, never hesitating to execute his commands. She is an ideal vice captain to have and often has to wake up Kyoraku to get him to actually do his job or even wake up for a battle.

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He is even too lazy to spit out some poisonous plant he was chewing on, making Nanao do it instead. They are hilarious together.

She is a very underrated vice captain because unlike the others, she rarely joins into combat. In fact, her zanpakuto is concealed in her sleeve and she has never been seen in actual combat at this stage (up to the Aizen arc). She is often overlooked when it comes to the shinigami in the series because so much of the series is dealing with the enemies, she is not included and thus forgotten, but not for me. I find her very important for Kyoraku and also very funny when she gets a chance to shine.

(Note, I decided to add the Bleach series to my Daily Blogs to mix it up a bit).


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