Daily Blog 39: Anthem for Ichigo in Bleach is just epic

I’ve almost done watching the Bleach anime series (I’m so sad its almost over) and as I come to the end of the series, a song that continues to give me chills each time is, Number One. For those who know the series, its pretty much Ichigo’s theme song, but its only played during some of the most epic moments of the series. Pretty much when this song plays, Ichigo is about to clash with an enemy, has saved the day, or simply makes a bad ass entrance to the battle field. From the attack on Soul Society, to the Bount arc, and now in the final Fullbring arc, the song still brings that smile to my face knowing the hero of the series is about to do something epic in the series. Its a fun song and its in English, for once in the series, we know what the lyrics are.


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