Daily Blog 40: End of the Bleach anime

After 366 episodes, I have finally come to the end of the Bleach anime series. While the manga continues (and I play catch up to read them all), the anime is now over (no new episodes since 2012) and its kind of sad. 

The series ended with Ichigo regaining his shinigami powers, finding out the truth of how Soul Society uses substitute shinigami, and his ultimate decision to remain a shinigami and protect his town. The final arc wasn’t nearly as great as the start of the series, ending with weird enemies and a story line that many, including myself, hated (Fullbrings are the worst). Yet despite the awful ending arc, the final episode was very well done with Ichigo meeting the captains once again and deciding to still fight by their sides.

I was kind of sad at the end of the series, for one it was over! There haven’t been any new episodes since 2012 or any new movies since 2013. And secondly for the ending itself and how Ichigo left Soul Society. He barely said to Rukia “I’ll see you around” as he went back home. It was a quick, yet perfect way for Ichigo to leave Rukia (they will meet again) because the two have such a dynamic relationship since the beginning of the series. At the end of the day, Ichigo is still a high school kid that has a laid back yet brash personality so saying good bye after a dramatic battle fits him perfectly, making Rukia smile yet cry when he walks away.

Now I have to catch up on the manga and continue the series after the Fullbring arc and continue to follow the series that is ending soon (Kubo will have a finale at some point). I may watch the series again because it is just that good.


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