Daily Blog 44: Top 10 Bleach non-Captain shinigami: #5 Yumichika Ayasegawa

Next in my countdown is a very strange shinigami in the series, 5th seat of squad 11 Yumichika Ayasegawa. In the squad known for brutal fighters and rugged looking people, Yumichika is different (for many reasons). 

Yumichika is a seated officer in the toughest squad and is the best friend/sidekick of 3rd seat Ikkaku Madarame, a man obsessed with fighting. Yumichika is the biggest narcissist (super vain) in all of soul society, often judging people on their looks even in the middle of a battle. He seems very flamboyant, but looks are deceiving with him. He is a skilled fighter that is eager to race into conflict, making him a perfect fit for squad 11, even if his attitude and style are different compared to even Madarame.

One of the most unique zanpakuto in all of soul society.

Yumichika has a very unique zanpakuto as well in the series, but is ashamed to use it and won’t release it if his squad members are around. It’s called Ruri’iro Kujaku, a kido-based weapon that surrounds an enemy and drains their spirit energy which Yumichika can eat and restore his own if needed. He hates his weapon because its as vain as him and does not want his squad members to know about it as well. His squad is all about brute strength and having a kido weapon would likely get him kicked out of the squad, something that can not happen.

So why is he one of my favorites? He is probably one of the funnier characters in the entire series because of his vain attitude and his quick judgement of others often getting heated reactions from people. Many get annoyed with him and funny exchanges follow. Yumichika is often comedy relief during the intense battles, even the ones he is involved with. The little picture above is from the anime only arc against monsters called the bounts (awful series). While others are working to communicate with their zanpakutos to get stronger, you can see his approach to it (the sword won’t listen so he simply tries to destroy it). He is always a good laugh and is tough fighter, putting him in my top 10.

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