Top Tampa Bay Rays Prospects Report 11

Here is the 11th addition of my Top Rays Prospects Report. This top 30 list is from the Tampa Bay Rays official website and how they rank them overall throughout the system. Here is the latest on each player and how they are currently doing this season for their respective teams.


1. Justin O’Conner – Age 23 – Catcher – Montgomery (AA)

In 63 games, O’Conner is 56 for 252 (.222) with 15 doubles, 6 home runs, 31 RBIs and has scored 27 runs. He has 10 walks and has struck out 74 times (.254 OBP) on the year. O’Conner’s average barely moved but the RBI total and the OBP went up over the past week which are both positive signs. O’Conner had a rough start to the year, but these last two weeks have shown improvement for him.

2. Daniel Robertson – Age 21 – Short stop – Montgomery (AA)

Robertson has played in 49 games this year going 53 for 195 (.272) with 15 doubles, 4 triples, 3 home runs, 32 RBIs and has scored 32 runs. He has drawn 15 walks and struck out 44 times (.347 OBP). Robertson is out for at least a month after fracturing his hamate bone in his wrist and. He should be back sometime in July if everything goes well.

3. Willy Adames – Age 19 – Short stop – Charlotte (A)

In 73 games, Adames is 74 for 275 (.269) with 16 doubles, 4 triples, 4 home runs, 35 RBIs and has scored 34 runs. He has 38 walks and has struck out 81 times (.354 OBP) with 7 steals. Adames averaged has slumped a bit this last week but he did drive in two more and steal another base. I’m sure he will bounce back next week and raise his average.

4. Blake Snell – Age 22 – LHP – Charlotte/Montgomery

In 11 stars, Snell is 6-2 (1.70 ERA) after working 63.2 innings, allowing 43 hits, 13 runs, 28 walks and striking out 72 batters. Snell continues to dominate for the Biscuits as he added another win over the last week. He has moved up the prospect list quickly and the stats say it all for him.

5. Adrian Rondon – Age 16- Short Stop – GCL Rays

In 9 games, Rondon is 4 for 28 (.143) with a double, a triple, and has driven in two runs. He has 9 walks to 15 strike outs (.288 OB) and has been caught twice attempting steals. He’s young, GCL is not that good, so give it a lot more time before we begin to determine what we have in Rondon.

6. Casey Gillaspie – Age 22 – 1st baseman – Bowling Green (A)/Charlotte (A)

In 5 games, Gillaspie is 2 for 12 (.167) with a home run, 4 RBIs, has scored a run, drawn 2 walks and has struck out 3 times (.286 OBP). Gillaspie has a fracture in his wrist now and will miss up to 8 weeks which is very disappointing to hear considering he was just promoted and had been having a great season thus far.

7. Brent Honeywell – Age 20 – RHP – Bowling Green (A)/Charlotte Stone Crabs (A)

In 3 starts, Honeywell is 0-2 with a 8.16 ERA. He has thrown 14.1 innings, allowing 23 hits, 14 runs, 5 walks and has struck out 14. Honeywell pitched better in his third start since being promoted and lowered his ERA by 3 runs. Hopefully in his next start that trend continues and he picks up a win in the process.

8. Tyler Guerrieri – Age 22 – RHP – Charlotte (A)

In 10 games (7 starts), Guerrieri is 1-1 (2.43 ERA) after throwing 33.1 innings, allowing 30 hits, 11 runs, 7 walks and striking out 41 batters. Guerrieri continues to get better in each start and the ERA is starting to go down. Hopefully the wins start to come for him as he looks to be regaining his old form.

9. Ryan Brett – Age 23 – 2nd baseman – Durham (AAA)

In 36 games, Brett is 31 for 145 (.214) with 7 doubles, 3 home runs, 14 RBIs and has scored 22 runs. He has 10 walks and has struck out 30 times (.269 OBP) and has 3 steals. Brett has not played in a game since July 2nd. I’m not sure if he is injured at this stage or just other players are getting more playing time ahead of him.

10. Garrett Fulenchek – Age 19 – RHP – Princeton (Rookie)

There is a new player to the organization in Fulenchek who came over in a minor league deal with the Atlanta Braves. In one game since the trade, he has thrown 2.1 innings, allowing 3 hits, 2 walks and struck out 5. Fulencheck has a fastball in the mid-90s so he should be fun to watch.

11. Nick Ciuffo – Age 20 – Catcher – Bowling Green (A)

In 60 games, Ciuffo is 53 for 229 (.231) with 12 doubles, 1 home run, 18 RBIs, and has scored 17 runs. He has 5 walks to 36 strike outs (.245 OBP) on the year. Ciuffo has been hitting much better over the past week. I hope that trend continues for him after a somewhat disappointing season thus far.

12. Mikie Mahtook – Age 25 – OF – Durham/Tampa Bay Rays

In 60 games, Mahtook is 52 for 232 (.224) with 14 doubles, 2 home runs, 2 triples, 23 RBIs and has scored 18 runs. He has 13 walks and has struck out 60 times (.285) with 7 steals on the year. Mahtook’s numbers have barely moved over the past week with just one more RBI driven in and another steal added to his stats. He is just not having a very good season (maybe the call-ups derailed him a month back).

13. Enny Romero – Age 24 – RHP – Durham (AAA/Tampa Bay Rays)

Romero in 9 games (3 starts) he is 1-0 with 1 save (4.10 ERA). Romero has thrown 26.1 innings, allowing 27 hits, 13 runs, 8 walks and has struck out 29 batters. Romero has struggled in his past two outings out of the pen as opponents continue to pile on the hits against him. On the year with the Rays in 5 games, he has worked 10.1 innings, where he has allowed 16 hits, 10 runs, 7 walks and has struck out 10 batters.

14. Hak-Ju Lee – Age 24 – Short stop – Durham (AAA)

In 59 games, Lee is 47 for 263 (.232) with 12 doubles, 1 home runs, 14 RBIs and has scored 18 runs. He has 14 walks to 71 strike outs (.288) with 12 steals on the year. Like Mahtook, Lee’s numbers haven’t moved much with just 2 more steals, 3 more runs scored, but no more RBIs driven in. We keep waiting for the average to rise but it doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon.

15. Andrew Velazquez – Age 20 – Short stop – Charlotte (A)

In 20 games, Velazquez is 21 for 78 (.269) with 3 doubles, 3 RBIs and has scored 13 runs. He has 8 walks and has struck out 17 times (.337) with 1 steal on the year (caught 3 times). Velazquez is just getting back into the Charlotte swing. Give him another week of games to truly see how is adjusting since his return.

16. Cameron Varga – Age 20 – RHP – Hudson Valley Renegades (Rookie)

In 4 games, Varga is 1-1 (2.25 ERA) with 16 innings thrown where he has allowed 17 hits, 4 runs, 5 walks and has struck out 8 batters. Varga’s last year ended after the second batter after he was hit by a line drive to his left arm. Varga left the game but later tweeted out it was just a bruise. Hopefully it won’t affect him going forward.

17. Boog Powell – Age 22 – OF – Montgomery (AA)/Durham (AAA)

In 11 games with Durham, Powell is 11 for 38 (.289) with 1 double, 2 triples, 2 RBIs and has scored 8 runs. He has 8 walks to 7 strike outs (.404 OBP) and has 1 steal. Powell seems to be settling in well for the Bulls as the OBP and run totals have both gone up over the week. As long as he keeps getting on base, Durham will stay in the divisional race.

18. Justin Williams – Age 19 – OF – Bowling Green (A)

In 73 games, Williams is 82 for 284 (.289) with 16 doubles, 2 triples, 6 home runs, 32 RBIs and has scored 35 runs. He has 9 walks and has struck out 56 times (.311 OBP). Williams continues to hit well as all his numbers increased over the past week. Williams has been warm the past two weeks as BG tries to make the playoffs and he is leading that charge.

19. Ryne Stanek – Age 23 – RHP – Charlotte (A)/Montgomery (AA)

In 7 starts, Stanek is 4-2 (4.46 ERA) with 40.1 innings of work where he has allowed 35 hits, 21 runs, 20 walks and has struck out 26. Stanek got a win over the past week, but the ERA went up nearly a full point along with the hit and walk numbers. He scares me a bit on the mound. Hopefully he can put together a better outing next time.

20. Richie Shaffer – Age 24 – 3B/1B – Montgomery (AA)/Durham (AAA)

In 37 games, Shaffer is 38 for 131 (.290) with 6 doubles, 1 triple, 14 home runs, 24 RBIs and has scored 22 runs. He has 15 walks to 41 strike outs (.367 OBP) on the season. Shaffer continues to rake for the Bulls and is showing more consistency at the plate. Fans are excited about him and want him to get a call up, but it seems the Rays will wait until the 2nd half before possibly making a promotion.

21. Tyler Goeddel – Age 22 – 3B – Montgomery (AA)

In 71 games, Goeddel is 68 for 272 (.250) with 7 doubles, 7 triples, 4 home runs, 37 RBIs, and has scored 32 runs. He has 26 walks to 60 strike outs (.318 OBP) with 15 steals on the year. Goeddel’s numbers barely moved over the week as he drove in a few more runs but saw his average drop. It seems he leveled out after a hot start and a few weeks of declining numbers.

22. Jake Bauers – Age 19 – 1B – Charlotte (A)/Montgomery (AA)

In 12 games, Bauers is 11 for 44 (.250) with 4 doubles, 1 home run, 6 RBIs and has scored 6 runs. He has 4 walks to 10 strike outs (.300 OBP) as well. Bauers is getting more at bats and the numbers were all up this past week. It might take another full week to truly see if he is adjusting well at the new level.

23. Jake Hager – Age 22 – Short stop – Montgomery (AA)

Hager is still rehabbing as he recovers from off-season surgery. There is no time table available at this time as to when he will return to the field.

24. German Marquez – Age 20 – RHP – Charlotte (A)

In 16 games (14 starts) Marquez is 4-8 (3.56 ERA) and has thrown 83.1 innings allowing 90 hits, 43 runs, 23 walks and has struck out 59 batters. Marquez has continued to struggled along with Charlotte since the All Star break. Maybe he can turn it around in his next start.

25. Patrick Leonard – Age 22 – 1st baseman – Montgomery (AA)

In 71 games, Leonard is 65 for 255 (.243) with 23 doubles, 3 triples, 5 home runs, 24 RBIs and has scored 43 runs. He  has 27 walks and has struck out 78 times (.328 OBP) on the year. Leonard’s numbers were all slightly up over the past week as his progression has continued. Can he do it for another week? We will have to wait and see.

26. Kean Wong – Age 20 – 2nd baseman – Charlotte (A)

In 71 games, Wong is 77 for 273 (.282) with 12 doubles, 1 home run, 29 RBIs and has scored 25 runs. He has 21 walks to 41 strike outs (.327 OBP) with 13 steals on the year. Wong’s numbers didn’t move much over the past week as he has cooled off just a bit. He will need to get it going to help Charlotte out of their ugly second half start.

27. Jaime Schultz – Age 23 – RHP – Montgomery (AA)

Schults, in 16 starts, is still at 5-4 with a 3.73 ERA. He has thrown 82 innings, allowing 76 hits, 36 runs, 55 walks and has struck out 97. Not much has changed for Schultz in his last start (got a no decision) but his ERA did creep up a bit. Hopefully he can get a win in his next start and help the Biscuits in their postseason chase.

28. Dylan Floro – Age 24 – LHP – Durham (AAA)

In 17 starts, Floro is 7-8 (5.07 ERA) after throwing 99.1 innings, allowing 121 hits, 59 runs, 16 walks and has struck out 59 batters on the year. Floro’s struggles continue as the ERA now sits over 5 on the year. Floro has a start tonight, but it feels as if he needs the AAA All Star break to regroup at this point.

29. Johnny Field – Age 23 – OF – Montgomery (AA)

In 781 games, Field is 72 for 270 (.267) with 16 doubles, 2 triples, 11 home runs, 51 RBIs and has scored 41 runs. He has 19 walks to 72 strike outs (.331 OBP) and has 9 steals on the year. Field’s average dropped this last week while he added 2 more RBIs. Field has struggled a bit since the break, but hopefully he turns it around next week.

30. Luke Maile – Age 24 – C – Durham (AAA)

In 52 games, Maile is 34 for 175 (.194) with 3 doubles, 1 triple, 4 home runs, 13 RBIs, and has scored 26 runs. He has 23 walks and has struck out 32 times (.291 OBP) on the year. Maile added just 1 hit in the past week (a home run) as he continues to sit right at the Mendoza line for his average. He just isn’t a top hitter (all defense for him).

(Yoel Araujo fell off the list in this round of reporting)

The next report will be on Friday, July 17th. Go Rays!!

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