Top 10 Bleach non-Captain shinigami: #3 Ikkaku Madarame

Next on the list we return to squad 11 and meet the third seat of the squad, Ikkaku Madarame. Ikkaku is one of the toughest shinigami in the entire series, but is also one of the funniest and most reckless characters out there. 

Ikkaku is a member of squad 11, the toughest fighting squad in the series, and best friends of the number 5 member of my list, Yumichika Ayasegawa. Ikkaku only became part of the shinigami after losing to Zaraki Kenpachi in a battle, he was told if he wanted to kill Zaraki, then he had to join the soul society, which he did.

Ikkaku’s banaki is powerful, but takes forever to power up.

Ikkaku is a tough fight, never backing down from any challenge and fighting until he dies. He doesn’t know how to withdraw and will always refuse help in any fight. He is very agile in battle and his zanpakuto’s shikai form is Hozukimaru, a staff with a spear tip at the end. He is able to use it as a normal spear or it can break into multiple parts held together with chains and uses it as a whip in battle. He is one of the two non-captains (Renji Abarai) that has bankai, Ryunom Hozukimaru, which turns his sword into two gigantic blades which charge and fire off spirit energy. He hates to use it and doesn’t want anyone to know he does. He thinks using it is a sign of weakness and if anyone saw it he would be forced out of the squad and moved to a higher ranking job. His goal in squad 11 is to die either battling Kenpachi or by his side in battle.

Remember, he is not “bald”.

So why is he one of my favorite? Well for one, its his style of fighting. He doesn’t take any crap and never backs down. He is skilled in combat and no matter the odds, always stands strong. He is one of the first battles Ichigo faces in soul society and it forces Ichigo to mature as a character. After that fight, Ikkaku is one of the front line soldiers that is sent to the human world to fight because of his connection to Ichigo. Finally, its the comedy factor. Ikkaku hates to be called bald in the series and upon doing so its always hilarious to see his reaction. When he is forced to stay with Kago (Ichigo’s high school friend) it leads to a lot of comedy. He may be tough, but his shiny head can lead to breaks in the intensity for a good laugh.


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