New savings plan for Japan

It’s been a long time since I’ve talked travel and yes, I have no excuse for it. So I’m getting back to talking about it and this little blog is all about the Benjamin’s!

In order to save enough cash for Japan I’ve started putting away $5 a day, cutting out those mid-morning Starbucks runs in the process. ┬áIn doing so, I’ve been able to put away over $100 in few weeks after putting down a starting amount. Now, this isn’t the main savings plan for the trip, but it is a way to put away spending cash that will help with visiting sites, food, and everything else. Think about it, if the trip is over 365 days away and I am able to put away $5 a day, that amount will be going up very quickly. Doing some very rough math, that $5 a day could turn into $2000 by the time the trip comes around next year.

I just want to apologize for making the blog all about sports for the past year or so, I want to get back to my travel plans and talks. The blog has kind of lost its way and its original purpose, but I’m trying to get it back to what it was and what I wanted from the start. Thanks for hanging in there with me.

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