Time to regroup

Time to regroup (like a little Captain’s meeting from Bleach), get my blog on sorted out, and get the better content rolling again.

It’s been all sports and not much else on the blog lately and now that’s going to change. As I mentioned before, the USF talk has been moved to a new home and in its place, more original stuff is about to return. 

I kind of lost motivation to produce original blogs a while back and fell into the groove of cranking out sports stuff like a machine. It almost became like a job, something this blog is not about. So, I’m waking up and shaking things up.

I want to get back to original content on the blog, stuff that was more enjoyable and the very reason I started the blog in the first place. I need to get going on the travel stuff and I know everyone is tired of hearing about and wondering when it will happen. Well, it’s coming, I promise. I’m tired of telling myself I’ll do it then sit around and fail to get it done. No more of that.

Give me a few days to get some content built up for the blog (Monday is the projected date to get stuff rolling again). Sports stuff will continue as normal but come Monday (if everything goes right) the blog will again have travel and original stuff posted on it. I appreciate those who read the blog and those who have read from the beginning!


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