Hitting the reset button on Japan

Time to regroup and restart.

As I said last week, I am getting back to the roots of the blog, travel and other topics aside from sports. Well, for the Japan stuff, I had begun to start my work and research on the long awaited trip, but as I get back to roots of the blog I am hitting the reset button on my original work. 

I had begun to start my research for the trip a while back and had put together some notes on the dates, weather, and had begun to figure out the length of the trip but I, as always, put it on the back-burner and it got left behind. Well, instead of trying to figure out where I left off I’m hitting the complete reset button and throwing away all of the paperwork (about 10 pages of notes).

I am throwing away some work, but I think starting fresh will help motivate me to get going on this trip planning and make it happen. I will also be able to start fresh and won’t waste anytime sifting through the old records trying to figure out where my mind was at that time. Plus my hand writing can be crummy at times so the fresh start will let me take some better notes this time around.

So give me a little time to get the real Japan blogs flowing again as I need to get my notes organized and some blogs put together. More delays I know, but in the long run, it will only be for the better for me.


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