Reaction: Fear the Walking Dead Episode 2

Episode of Fear the Walking Dead, “So close yet so far” aired last night and it was incredible. After a “slow” first episode, things began to fall apart very fast in this episode and the zombies are beginning to appear more frequently.  Continue reading

PTX and Soon

They are just toying with fans now!

PTX put out their “Cheerleader” cover last week and its an instant hit and now they are teasing the fans with the hashtag #soon and every day this week they are continuing to add the members to what we expect is the album cover (Mitch and Kevin will be added Thursday and Friday I would imagine). I’m guessing by the end of the week that they will at least have the name of the album (PTX Volume IV?) and maybe they will release a date when the album is going to be released or at least when fans can pre-purchase it like last year for Volume III. I can’t wait and I know the music that will come with it will be epic.