Finally some answers for MH 370

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It’s been over a year since Malaysian Flight 370 went missing off of radars and was never scene or heard from again. Well, today, the families and friends of the 200+ missing people of that flight as well as the world itself finally got some kind of confirmation, they finally found a piece of the plane. 

A couple weeks ago a piece of a plane wing washed ashore the Reunion islands, a small island chain off the east coast of Madagascar. It was a strange sight to see on those shores and immediately the speculation began as to where it came from and the possibility that it was linked to the missing plane.

The piece, which was identified as part of a Boeing 777 (same plane type as MH 370) was quickly shipped to France for research and verification. After only a few days, the Malaysian Prime Minister confirmed the wing piece was in fact from MH 370.

The mystery of where and how the plane went down are still out there, but for the first time in 17 months, the families now know at least a part of the plane has been found. The search now for the rest of the wreckage will now begin and maybe with this new discovery, investigators will be able to figure out where the wing piece came from, track it back, and finally find the crash site. At least the world and especially those families who have suffered for so long, at least have some kind of information. I can’t even imagine what they have gone through having zero idea, along with the searchers out there, where was the plane after nothing, not even a seat, had been found for so long. The mystery continues, but today at least one piece of it was found.

(I need to throw in this information that while Malaysian officials are saying this wing piece is proof, the French are saying hold on until they have finished investigating. Communication issues seem to continue between all parties. We haven’t learned anything in 17 months it seems).


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