70 years since Hiroshima

Shrine at Hiroshima.

70 years ago, the United States ushered in a new world era after they dropped the first atomic bomb on the city of Hiroshima towards the end of World War II. The bomb was the first use of an atomic weapon in world history and changed history in the process. 

Towards the end of WWII as the Japanese continued to fall back, the battles for every island became more and more bloody. Every island that was taken from the Japanese army costs thousands of lives on both sides and even more civilians in the process. It was brutal combat and the US and allies feared what an invasion of the Japanese islands would cost. Estimates were in the millions in the number of lives that would be taken if the Americans had to launch that scale of an invasion and with the Japanese fighting to the last man, it looked inevitable.

Then came the Manhattan project, the development of the bomb, and eventually the decision to drop the weapon in order to win the war quickly. The bomb took over 70,000 lives and created an explosion and aftermath that no one had even seen or believed possible before. In an instant, an entire city and countryside were wiped off the map by one bomb. It was a horrific display of power that ended the war and changed history in the process.

Before the development of the bomb, war had been all about the number of troops, tanks, planes, and ships a country could boast. Massive warships dominated the seasons, planes dominated the skies, and large formations of troops were needed to obtain victory. This all changed with the bomb after Hiroshima. Now, countries could arm themselves and wipe out an enemy with the push of a button or a single plane flying overhead. After America dropped this weapon, others began to develop their own weapons and the nuclear age began across the world. It led to new alliances, new enemies, new technology and changed how the world operates with the idea of warfare and this power always being out there as a threat.

We must always remember this event. It was a very sad event that so many had to die with such a violent weapon yet understand it led to the end of the war. It also led to a change in the world and the politics between nations as well. It is truly a historic event that must never be forgotten.


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