Tensions rising in South Korea

The tensions between North and South Korea have always been high, but in the past few weeks, tensions have been escalated and the US and allies are watching closely. 

North and South Korea have never officially ended their war that started over 50 years ago, continuing to split the country in half between the heavily militarized DMZ border. There have been incidents between the two sides over the years, but not all out war.

Well recently, two South Korean soldiers were injured in a land mine incident causing the South to blame the North for planting them. The South then responded by blaring anti-North Korea propaganda through loudspeakers across various parts of the DMZ. This angered the north and they responded by firing shells into the South. While they didn’t hit or cause any damage to anyone, the South responded and fired back. Now the North has set a deadline for the South to turn off the loudspeakers or risk all out war. The North is even moving its military into the ready positions, an aggressive step towards conflict.

Why is this important to keep an eye on? Well, its North Korea. The hermit kingdom has always rattled its saber, threatening not only South Korea, but Japan and the US. They have a very erratic leader that is highly unstable and a mindset that should we should be worried about (they are crazy). Also keep in mind over 20,000 US soldiers help police the DMZ along with the South Korean military, so these threats that the North is throwing out there affect our troops overseas. Then we have to remember if the North went and attacked, it would have a spiral affect that would draw in China, the US, and even Japan and others because of the scope of the conflict.

Per the reports coming out of North Korea, they have given a deadline of 12 noon (midnight here in the Eastern time zone) to stop the broadcasts, which the South is refusing to do. With that said, I think folks should pay attention to this. The North always talks big, but this time around, they could mean business.


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