Pentatonix: Cheerleader

My favorite musical group, Pentatonix, did it again with an incredible cover of Cheerleader, that catchy song from UMI that is all over the radios. Trust me, they made it even more amazing in their version. 

PTX is simply amazing. They are on a world tour right now with Kelly Clarkson (after finishing their own tour) and are hard at work on their new album which is suppose to feature a lot of original content from them (they teased with Can’t Sleep Love at the end of this video). They are so amazing and have accomplished so much and now they are at it again with this cover. The song Cheerleader is all over the radios and its one of those songs that gets stuck in your head for a while. However, this version is even better than the original (in my opinion) and puts a new twist on the harmonies and melody. When Kirstie asks “Do you think I’m pretty?” with his incredible voice and cute smile, its a perfect video.

If you haven’t heard about PTX, what are you doing with your life!?! They are a Grammy award winning group that sounds just as good as they do in the videos as they do in person. Trust me, I saw them perform here in Tampa at Busch Gardens and I thought I was listening to their music videos. They are incredible and now they are teasing us fans with the #Soon hashtag, teasing that their next album will be coming along soon. I can’t wait for that.


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