Bleach manga keeps getting better!

After the awful fullbring arc in the Bleach series, all heck breaks loose in the series.

I finally found the Bleach manga online and have started from chapter one and have read through the dreaded fullbring arc and now have entered uncharted territory. Thus far, I have been left speechless by the manga and incredible writing and artistry of Tite Kubo. 

I wanted to re-read the manga and enjoy the fun arcs like the mission to save Rukia and others and enjoyed each chapter. I then made my way through the painful fullbring arc in the series and have finally entered the 1000 year blood war arc. For those who have read the series, you will understand the fullbring jokes and know how bad they were and how quickly Kubo ended it.

Now I’m in the blood war arc and the chapters I have read through are beyond anything I could have ever imagined. The pace of the chapters is lightning fast, with battles and surprises happening each page it seems. In just the first few chapters into the arc the Captain Commander, the strongest shinigami and leader of the Gotei 13 for over 1000 years, uses his bankai in combat and is cut in half after he is defeated (sorry if I spoiled that plot to anyone that hasn’t read that part of the story yet). My jaw dropped at that moment and I still can’t believe how fast Kubo decided to kill off one of the most powerful characters in the entire series and how fast it all happened.

The entire arc has been hard hitting with all hell breaking loose in Soul Society. Captains are falling fast, Ichigo is learning his real abilities and the Zero squad, a rumored squad that protects their version of God in the series, has now taken the field for combat. It’s all be super fast and incredible to read. I’m so eager to read through the series, but also have to slow myself down because I’ve almost caught up to the most recent issue and will have to wait for the newer chapters to roll out. So, I’m slowing down and savoring each chapter before I run out of manga to read.


3 thoughts on “Bleach manga keeps getting better!

  1. On the contrary, I do think Bleach lost what it used to make it a nice and enjoyable manga. This last part – i’m not gonna even discuss the fullbring – seems to me as they are rushing things in order to make it more interesting but I do not feel what I did with Aizen… I’m still reading but Mr because I have to than I want to.

  2. I will say it has changed and I agree it does feel slightly rushed at this stage, but the action they have packed into the chapters since Ginjo and company ended is pretty intense. I think the Aizen story was drawn out a little bit, especially with his monologue that never seemed to end. The series will never be as great as it was during the first Soul Society arc, that is still the best.

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