Caught up on Bleach!

I’ve done it, I’ve finally caught up on all of the Bleach manga, including issue 640 that just came out. I must say, its been incredible to read through all of the chapters and get caught up on all of the action. 

From the death of the Captain Commander to the Zero squad arriving to fight with the Gotei, the manga chapters after the Fullbring arc have been nothing short of epic. Each chapter has been loaded with action, more story development, more answers for those lingering questions, and more stunning developments to the series.

Throughout the chapters, we have learned about Ichigo’s mother and why his father is no longer a shinigami. We also learned he was the former Captain of Squad 10, my favorite squad and Hitsugaya was this third seated officer (holy hell!). We also learned about the abilities of the Zero Squad, the fact that Ichigo has Quincy powers (of course he does), why Ukitake is always ill but has never died, Mayuri cares about Nemu (huh?!) and the Soul King has been revealed (now dead?).

It seems that every page I read, I found myself saying “holy crap” as the action unfolded. After the ugly Fullbring arc, it seems the writer Tite Kubo decided to accelerate the action in this final arc of the entire series. If he wanted to end the series with a bang, he is setting it very well now in these late chapters as Soul Society, Huccedo Mundo, and the human world begin to fall apart. I mean, the Soul King, the link that keeps everything together and in one piece, has been cut in half by Ichigo with Yhwach controlling him through his blood.

I love this series so much but I’m a bit sad that I’ve caught up on everything. I mean, yes its great that I know everything that has happened thus far in the series, but sad now that I have to wait for the next chapter to come out. Hopefully the series continues on for a while but now I have to wait like everyone else for the next chapter!


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