Reaction: Fear the Walking Dead Episode 2

Episode of Fear the Walking Dead, “So close yet so far” aired last night and it was incredible. After a “slow” first episode, things began to fall apart very fast in this episode and the zombies are beginning to appear more frequently. 

The episode started with the daughter, Alicia, heading over to see her boyfriend that had not appeared on their date night. She finds him sick with a high fever and coughing (we know what happens next). Her parents, Travis and Madison, along with Nick (after their Calvin zombie experience), rush over to get her and are able to get her away from the boyfriend. They understand their is a virus going around yet can’t figure out what it is exactly. During that scene, Alicia is unable to call 911 (busy signal) and cell reception begins to have issues. So, it begins.

They get Nick home, but he begins to relapse which is good because it forces Alicia to stay instead of going to her, which we all can assume is a zombie now, boyfriend while the Mom heads to the high school to get drugs for Nick (want to keep him on something so he doesn’t go into withdrawals). Travis leaves to go get his son, Chris, as the family plans to leave to the desert because they know staying in the city is a bad idea at this point. It should be noted that the lights are beginning to flicker and go off at one point, another sign that its all falling apart. It was also sad in this part of the episode when the family across the street is preparing a birthday party for their kid but no one shows.

The episode then branches off into two new areas, Madison returning to the high school and Travis going to get his son. Madison runs into Travis at the school who is there trying to get supplies and together they run into the principal who has turned into a zombie. They are forced to kill him which marks the first zombie they have killed. They are scared, but Madison has a Rick-style to her and understands what must be done to survive this outbreak. She drops Travis off and gets back to her house but Travis is not back yet and they begin to worry but are still making their evacuation plans.

Travis has found his son Chris in the downtown area and is part of a group that is beginning to riot after police shot a homeless man 20 times. I found this part very interesting because the people, both civilians and cops, have no idea what this virus is. The people only saw the cops using excessive force on an unarmed man while the police had no idea how to take down an infected man. The cops then are forced to take down another zombie and all panic breaks lose as SWAT enters the scene and rioting begins. They take cover with a shop owner named Daniel and his family as he locks up with front fearing the looters who are flipping cars. They are stuck there but are trying to figure out their next move if things don’t calm down outside (they won’t, trust me).

Now the darkest scene came at the end (of course) when Madison returns home at night and talks with her children. Across the street, a neighbor who had been coughing, attacks the other neighbor that had set up their child’s birthday party. Alicia wants to go help, but Madison orders her to shut and lock the door. Its harsh, but Madison is making a tough decision to protect her family, just like Rick does in TWD.

This episode was so good. It developed the characters, showed how the virus is spreading, and how society is already falling apart as confusion and panic fill the streets. I wish Madison and family would move faster with their plans to head to the desert, but it shows how regular humans during a time of mass confusion, could bumble around not knowing how fast things are spreading. There are only 4 episodes left and from the previews, it looks like Travis and the group escape that store in his truck, but witness the military and police shooting down people outside a hospital that is burning at that point. It should be a good one!


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