Great Tampa Restaurant: Mr. Dunderbak’s

It’s one of the best restaurants in the North Tampa area.

If your looking for a place with a wide variety of brews or great German food in the Tampa area, I have to suggest going to a local favorite spot, Mr. Dunderbaks!

Mr. Dunderbak’s has been in Tampa since 1974 and continues to a favorite among everyone. When I moved to Tampa, they were originally located in the University Mall, yes, a mall, off of Fowler Avenue. They had a very cramped location, but the authentic German decorations, great food, and brews made it worth sitting elbow-to-elbow with your fellow diners.

The long bar inside Mr. Dunerbak’s has a giant flat screen TV and plays sports all the time. Or you can interact with the bartender or your neighbors.

Now they have a new location located off of Bruce B. Downs that offers two bars, normal seating for private parties or long picnic tables that allow strangers to dine right next to each other which is common in Germany. The decorations are still German and on Friday nights they have traditional German drinking music playing center stage with an older gentlemen wearing lederhosen playing an accordion. Trust me, its great.

Now for the food and there is a lot to pick from. From schnitzel to a large selection of sandwiches, there is a food option for everyone. My personal favorite for lunch is the Chicken a la Dunderbak sandwich that comes with the marinated chicken breast, smoked Westphalian ham, and a garlic chive cream cheese served on a kaiser roll with a side of pommefrites which are German french fries, it makes for a fantastic lunch that leaves you feeling stuffed.

Reason enough to go to Mr. Dunderbak’s.

And of course, being a German biergarten, Mr. Dunderbak’s has a wide range of beers, both on tap and in bottle that can match up with any food or any palate. One thing to note is they do not carry Budweiser, Miller Lite or any of the cheap American beers. Not in this place. Most of the beers they serve are heavy, dark, and cover a wide array of flavors. One of my favorites if Whitterkerke or Hauf Brau original. They a great variety and its always changing as they bring in new brews.

So if you live in the area, you probably know about this great spot. If not, wake up and get over there. If you are visiting, make sure to add this to your list of food spots to hit. And a little heads up, the parking lot fills up super fast on Friday and Saturday nights, so get there a little early to get a good spot. Trust me, its a hopping place on the weekend.


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