14 years since September 11th

It is really hard to believe its been 14 years since the attacks on 9/11. 14 years ago I was a kid in high school and had no clue what was going on in the world. I’ve said it before, but I can recall the day we all heard the news in class. I was sitting in art class, trying not to fall asleep, and our teacher came rushing out of her office, trying to find the news on the old TV. It didn’t work, but she said that the Trade Center had been hit by a plane. We all were shocked, but didn’t know anything else. Rumors swirled at lunch as everyone thought they had the news, but no one seemed to have the full story. The rest of the school day kind of flew by in a blur as I raced home to see the news and came face to face with the harsh reality of what had happened that faithful day.

As a country, we will always remember that day. It has shaped our lives in many ways and things will never be the same. There are kids today that will have no memory of what happened 14 years ago, but they must understand the events. It is part of American history. We must never forget.

I always watch this video by John Stewart as he monologues after returning to work a week or so after the attacks. He embodies the raw emotion that we all felt and still feel. His last few lines about his view outside his apartment will always give me chills.


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