Reaction: Fear the Walking Dead Episode 3

Episode three of Fear the Walking Dead aired last night and the action and intensity has picked up as the group came back together with memorable quotes along the way. 

The episode showed Travis and his family, along with the Salazar’s running from the barber shop where they were hiding out during the riot because a fire broke out. Travis’s son saw a zombie with a hoodie on outside and couldn’t figure out what it was. To me that was a very interesting scene along with the cop being attacked by a walker in the middle of the riot and no one seemed to stop or care. During the chaos of the riot, people are not seeing what is happening and the infection is spreading. Travis tries to take Daniel’s wife to a hospital because of her injured foot, but the first one they see is being surrounded by cops who are shooting down infected walkers that approach them while people run for their lives. As they travel on, the power grids begin to shut down, showing another sign that its all beginning to collapse.

Meanwhile Madison and her family hunker down at their house, but come face to face with their infected neighbor who was seen coughing the night before. They head over to their neighbors house because they know they owned a shot gun and want to arm themselves because Madison and Nick are beginning to understand this isn’t going to end anytime soon. They get the gun and arrive back at their house just in time to help Travis and his group confront the zombie with Daniel taking the gun and killing me without hesitation.

The group decides to head to the desert, but Daniel says his family won’t go, commenting that the nice people die first. A key to all of this is his wife and her injured foot. I have a feeling she will die and become a walker at some point because the injury looks bad and there is no medical care for them. As Travis and his group prepare to leave, they stop and race back as the neighbor returns home and confronts his zombie wife. The wife had attacked Alicia earlier but she escaped and Travis stopped Madison from killing her (Nick mentions they are dead and there is no saving them, something that shocks Travis a bit. He is not ready to accept that yet). Right as the neighbor is about to be attacked, the zombie wife is shot my the military that has now arrived to take “control” of the situation.

The episode ends with the military going door to door and checking every room while crews collect the dead bodies on a truck. Madison asks about how it spreads but the military doesn’t give an answer (they don’t know!). So the fans are left feeling better now that troops, trucks, guns, and aircraft are all in place, but we know they won’t last. Daniel even says that it’s already too late.

An interesting note is the plane that was flying overhead (passenger plane from the looks of it) and the talks about an episode or a quick pilot series about an outbreak of the virus on a plane. That could be a shot of it, so that is something to remember moving forward. Can’wait for the next episode!

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