Reaction: Fear the Walking Dead Episode 4

The 4th episode of Fear the Walking Dead aired last night and the intensity among the people has picked up big time with the military taking control of the neighborhood. Liza, Travis’s ex-wife, may have set the wheels of chaos in motion with her actions as well.

The episode starts out oddly with Travis going for a casual run and Nick hanging out in the pool as the military has set up a perimeter fence around the neighborhood. It’s been 9 days since it all went down and now this is their life. It appears as if the military has control of the area but things are not as they seem. The military officer addresses the neighborhood, explaining that they have a 6-mile wide safe zone and that they are one of twelve safe areas that are protected and that they are the lucky ones. Yet with that said, people want to know where are the others, why can’t they get a phone line and what is the next step. It appears the military, while they have control of the area, have no idea what is going on beyond their fences. That same officer then uses Travis to talk to a person in the neighborhood that won’t talk to the military doctor’s because of fear. He fears what they will do to him if he is sick but Travis is able to talk sense into him and he listens to the military (interesting to see the military ready to shoot him on spot if he won’t comply). Later, Madison decides to sneak out of the military zone to see what is really going on out there and sees the dead bodies everywhere with the military patrolling. It seems they will kill any that are now in that area. She later tells Daniel what has happened.

Meanwhile Alicia breaks into Susan’s old house that has been taped off and sees the pills on the counter and realizes that Nick is going house to house looking for drugs. Later on, Nick is scene stealing from a sick man’s IV, so he has yet to kick he issue and tricks his mom that he is improving. The big turn in the series is Liza and her medical skills. She is viewed as the nurse in the neighborhood and has been going around helping out the sick the best she can. A military doctor, a Doctor Exner talks to her and recommends that she come with her to help out at the military hospital that sounds as if it is doing good to help the patients in the area. By showing her medical skills, she also gives Dr. Exner the charts on how everyone is doing and this sets in motion the military taking Daniel’s wife to the hospital along with Nick because of his drug habit. Although the doctor said Daniel could go with his wife, he is stopped and Nick is taken by force. Eliza also leaves with the military as Madison, who has been questioning it all, breaks down to tears and Travis, who has helped the military, faces reality that all it not what it appears.

So, Madison has been outside and questions the military. Her family is now torn apart. Travis is left trying to place peace keeper with Liza leaving and causing the military taking Nick away while trying to console Madison and his own son that is wondering where Eliza left. Meanwhile, Daniel is now without his wife and Ofelia finds out that the military can’t get medical supplies in. Meanwhile, Alicia is doing her own tattoo after confronting the reality herself.

So what is next? Well, the next episode is titled Cobalt and shows in the previews what looks like a military base or hospital. Liza and Dr. Exner are working with patients, but it appears one of them turns. We also see in another clip Ofelia throwing bottles at the military guards and demanding her mother back. Lt. Moyer is forced to talk to her and offers to take her back home while a solider states he doesn’t want to do this anymore. Anymore what? Keep people locked up like animals or keep patrolling while the world falls apart around them and they can’t get home?

I think the next episode we will see Daniel, who says this is how we get them back, leads Madison on a charge to get to that hospital and get answers. It will be interesting to see what Travis does now as he tries to balance both sides of his family life. It’s all getting very interesting with just two episodes left in season one.

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