Reaction: Fear the Walking Dead Episode 5

The second to last episode of season one of Fear the Walking Dead aired last night and things got intense. We finally learned what the term “Cobalt” represents and we also saw the beginning of the end to the last pieces of society. 

The episode finally picked up the action across the board for all of the characters, but more importantly for the military. We saw that the people inside the fences want answers and continue to get put off by the soldiers. We also saw the military beginning to break down. They are exhausted, have no help from outside, and worry about their families. They know what they are facing and know that they cannot keep protecting the people in the 12 safe zones like this forever. Travis finally gets to see what the outside really is after he is granted a trip to see the medical facility. The troops force him to take a shot at a zombie but he refuses, showing how he doesn’t seem to get it. The troops then rush to help their comrades, only to fall back, leave Travis to find his own way back, and flee to get back to their own homes.

Menawhile, Ofelia, Madison, and Daniel have taken Adams prisoner and begin to get information out of him. They want to know where the hospital is and what Cobalt is. Daniel uses his knives and blades from the barber shop to torture Adams and gets the information they want. Its brutal, but Daniel has shown he knows what he is doing and is prepared to use these tactics. Madison is not happy about it, but she wants to get Nick back and goes along with it.

Meanwhile, Chris and Alicia leave and hang out in a deserted house, tearing it apart and both realizing things are never going back and decide to have some fun before it all falls apart. They later leave and see the military trucks leaving the fenced in zone, not patrolling. They realize themselves that something is not right.

Then we get to the medical facility with Dr. Exner and Eliza. Eliza finally gets to understand how bad things are and sees that those who cannot be saved are put down. Dr. Exner is all business and keeps pushing Eliza to do some good because she has skills and they are limited on nurses. Nick is about to be taken away in the facility because of his high temperature but is saved by a man named Strand that knows what is about to happen and wants people around that can get things for him and can survive. It sounds like a Governor type character, a guy that can recruit people and knows he must prepare for the worst.

So with all the stories coming together, the question remains, what is Cobalt? Well, after Daniel cuts up Adams’s arm badly, we learn Cobalt is the code term for all military to withdraw from the LA basin area and exterminate all infected. Yep,  military is falling back and they are leaving the people behind, which explains the truck Alicia and Chris saw that was not patrolling and just leaving.

So, we have Travis back with Madison, Daniel, Ofelia, Alicia and Chris. Travis is still weak and trusts the military, not wanting to come to terms with what is happening. Then we have Daniel and Madison wanting to get their loved ones back. We saw at the end Daniel exploring by himself and saw the doors of some big building that was chained up being pushed. He knows the military did what they could, left in a panic, and left everyone to die. We also have Eliza at the hospital with Dr. Exner wanting to help but also knowing she left her family but also knows Nick is around somewhere. What will Travis do? He has two families to help, but each one wants to take a different route in the series. One wants to work with the military while the other wants to fight back and take control of their lives. The final episode is titled “A Good Man’ which could be referring to Travis and explaining he is a good man but might back a deadly decision that gets someone killed. Whatever happens in the finale will be exciting as this short season comes to an end.


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