Reaction: Fear the Walking Dead Episode 6

The series finale of Fear the Walking Dead aired last night and it was a huge episode to wrap up the first year of the spinoff series. For those who had complained about the lack of zombies and action got their dose in this one as the chaos broke out for the characters. 

The family decides that they will head to the medical facility to save Griselda and Nick from the military and get out of town after learning what Cobalt was. Travis decides to let Adams go, angering Daniel because its another sign of weakness from Travis when he has yet to really come to grips with reality. As they family leaves, there is a very dark image as they pass a house where a family is sitting in the dark and getting dinner by candle light. They have no idea the military is gone and that they are doomed. They leave the compound as the military guards are all gone.

The next scene was brilliantly written as Daniel walks up to the compound, scaring the guards as his man just walks up out of no where. They threaten to shoot him, but he says they should save their ammo for the real enemy as a herd of walkers follows Daniel to the compound. Daniel released the walkers in the arena, the people that Adams and crew had locked up, and brought them as the distraction to sneak into the compound. It worked, worked too well. They are able to get in, leaving Chris and Alicia to watch the cars. Three military guys take one of the cars, but they are safe after that.

The family finds Liza who explains everything. Dr. Exner was trying to get medical transports to take them to Edwards Air Force base, but the helicopters won’t extract anyone because they fear the infection. Knowing that, Exner tells Liza to leave and then kills all of her patients so they won’t turn. As Liza, reunited with Travis and company, leaves, we see Exner holding the bolt gun in her hand so we have to assume she took herself out. Very dark scene as the one person that was doing her best to save lives realized there was no saving them anymore, it was over.

Meanwhile Strand and Nick make there way out of the holding cells, but won’t help anyone else that is trapped. Strand sees them as just distractions. Travis and crew do let some out, but we have to assume they wouldn’t not make it through as the military was being eaten alive around the compound. Strand and Travis unite after Liza helps them with her security card at a sealed door. The most dramatic moment, aside from the walkers eating everyone, was Adams reappearing with a gun, looking for revenge on Daniel. He takes a shot at Daniel, misses, hits Ofelia in the arm and Travis snaps. Travis thought, because he is still the nice guy and team player, Adams would hold up on his word but when he finally sees that all the rules are off, he snaps and beats Adams to death. I think at that moment is when Travis finally wakes up and accepts that its all over and now they must survive by any means.

They escape the compound and make it to Strand’s house which is a nice mansion on the beach with a ton of supplies. As the group rests (Ofelia is OK), Liza heads down to the beach and reveals she was bit back at the compound. Madison is about to execute her, on Liza’s request (there is no cure as she explains), but its Travis that does it. Liza had told Madison earlier that doing something like that would break Travis but he is the one to do it. I think it’s a step for Travis, the final step, to leave society in general and make himself cold for the new world they live in. The episode ends and Strand reveals that Abigail, the place they had to get to, is a yacht that is anchored right off the shore of his home.

The episode was brilliant. It brought the characters all together at the end, we got to see the full break down of the military and society in general, and now season two is wide open with a yacht and a group that knows it must survive.

The series grew on me as it went along. After a slow start, we learned the characters, who they are, and how they all slowly came to grips that the world was ending. Many hate the series because they are so use to the walkers in the Walking Dead, but this series was suppose to show normal people in society that was still functioning and how they handled things. The series wasn’t about the zombies 24/7, but more to show how quickly society can fall and how fast people can change when everything around them collapses. It was a great series and season two should be very interesting to watch.

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