Future of the blog

By now you have noticed the blog has gone quiet and the sports talk has been moved over to my old blog, The Bull Rush, for all of my USF stuff. With that said, it leaves this blog fairly quiet. Sure, I can talk Rays, Magic, etc., but to be honest, it has become more like work than anything. I find my brain being stretched out trying to report and blog stats from several different teams. While I find the USF stuff fun and entertaining, doing reports on the other teams I follow just becomes work. And often I just skip over it because I don’t have the energy dedicated to posting something that is worth a darn.  Continue reading


Pentatonix: Joy to the World

Pentatonix is back once again and as always, they killed it! PTX re-released their platinum Christmas album, That’s Christmas to me, with 5 bonus tracks for the holiday season and one is Joy to the World. Just listen and enjoy. I know it’s very early and Thanksgiving is not even here yet and I’m one of those people that hates the Christmas holiday creeping closer and closer to Halloween every year, but I can’t help but get into the Christmas spirit after listening to this song. It’s just so good.

Branching out?

My blog has become sports heavy over the past few months, moving away from the travel talk and other topics. I have thrown some blogs out there about food places in Tampa, some Bleach articles, but that’s about it. Well, I’ve gotten the itch to expand my blogging topics, but am not sure how well received they will be.  Continue reading