Branching out?

My blog has become sports heavy over the past few months, moving away from the travel talk and other topics. I have thrown some blogs out there about food places in Tampa, some Bleach articles, but that’s about it. Well, I’ve gotten the itch to expand my blogging topics, but am not sure how well received they will be. 

First off, what will I blog about? Well, everything really. My blog has become a mix of everything with really no defined topic or focus. I’m OK with that and I think the folks that do read my blog have grown accustomed to that. It’s like I have posted at the top of the screen, my blog, my world. The blog is just a place where I can have the freedom of writing, sharing opinions, and talking about whatever comes to mind. So with that thought, I want to expand beyond the sports heavy flow of the blog. For those who read the blog for the sports updates, don’t worry, they aren’t going anywhere. I just want to add more content to the blog.

So what are some topics I want to write about? Well one right from the start is the Christmas season and how it seems to take over November every year and even has begun to creep into October. It’s a hot topic and I feel like sounding off. But beyond that, there are other topics, some being heavy, that I have been wanting to get into. I have things I want to say and share with the internet and blogs are the way to go. I am not planning on attacking anyone or looking to stir up the mob, but want to vent and share a piece of my mind on various topics.

So that’s my thought pattern moving forward. I want to expand my writing and think expanding the blog to cover anything is the best step forward for it. I may rebrand the blog name, get its down domain, and even my social media handle to move past the USF matt name, but haven’t reached that step yet.

So as always, thank you for reading and I hope my growth as a blogger is enjoyable and hope you can come along for the ride.

(PS, I hope to get some of the new content flowing by early next week. Got to build up some material before beginning this new work).

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