Stop with the Red Starbucks Cup Insanity

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OK, let’s get started on one of the dumbest things that has come across my timeline in the last few days: people that are upset about the red cups that Starbucks has launched for the holiday season. Seriously, this is insane folks, why are people angry? Do people truly believe a red coffee cup that will be thrown away is a stance against Christmas? Get real. 

So why are people upset about these new red cups? Well, in the past, Starbucks has had seasonal red cups that had snowflakes and other emblems that represent the Christmas holiday season, but this year, Starbucks decided to go with just a simple red cup design. This is where the anger begins. People are upset that Starbucks has seemingly decided to take a stance against Christmas in their new cup design and some folks are upset about it (even that thing called Trump is upset, of course, are you surprised?). This is where I have to say: WHAT THE HELL!?! Being upset at these red cups is probably one of the dumbest things I have seen in the past few days (yes, days).

Let’s start, why are people upset? Well its clear Starbucks doesn’t like Christmas, they are trying to be PC about their cups and its a war on Christmas (some believe that). Number one, move out of your basement or attic and wake up a bit. Let’s start with the entire Christmas and Christian thing. It comes down to some basic history here. The 25th of December date of Jesus’s birth is actually never listed in the New Testament. It was the Roman Dionysius Exiguus who was able to determine the date of this birth by piecing it together. So right from the start, we don’t have a real defined date. Dionysius was able to piece it together, but remember how the Bible was put together so there could be some issues with exact dates there, but I won’t harp on this too much, I rather get into the Christmas holiday itself.

Christmas was never a Christian holiday to begin with. It was originally a Pagan holiday that was called Saturnalia that was held between December 17th through the 25th when lawlessness and partying happened. It was so crazy during these days (read up on the real things that happened, it was wild) that the Roman courts closed down during this time. So why did the Christians decided to adopt Saturnalia as a holiday? It was simple, convert pagans to the Christian faith by using the holiday to their advantage. They simply adopted the holiday, made it around the birth of Christ, and over time, were able to make it a holiday in the Christian faith after it was originally a pagan holiday. Even the Christmas tree is based on Nordic traditions, not originally Christian. Want to know a fun fact? The Puritans actually hated Christmas and banned it from 1659 to 1681 because it was too closely relate to the old pagan ways. So if you want to talk about Christians against Christmas and there you go.

OK, so let’s recap. The entire Christmas holiday is based on the adoptions of a pagan holiday and were not Christian to begin with. That much is very clear at this point (just do some reading). So the fact that a company has decided not to use “Christmas” decorations on their cup has people upset. Well, if you stop and think about it, Christmas itself is not exactly what many people think. And the adopted logos that are not on the cup are definitely not Christmas related if you do the research. So for those who are angry at it, get over it. The fact that many have lost what Christmas really is and are upset about a stupid cup is probably one of the dumbest things I have come across. Drink your coffee and move on.

Oh, and if you tell the barista your name is Merry Christmas to force them to put it on the cup, that is lying. Lying is a sin, remember?

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